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Laravel PHP development on the iPad Pro


As I said in a separate post, I am a Laravel developer amongst other things and recently, I bought a 12” iPad Pro from Apple. I do a lot of writing and I also consume a lot of media on YouTube and Netflix. I also enjoy sketching and prototyping every once in a while. So the iPad Pro was a no-brainer. I was scared of the limitations of iOS though but bought it anyway. Days later, iPadOS was...

Development takes time, you’re not dumb


If you are learning how to code you NEED to absolutely ignore the 'I feel dumb' feeling. It's perfectly okay to not understand a concept, its okay to not understand what you are doing initially. Everyone that knows what they know now, is going through this phase.

Hello, World!


Hello world, My name is Neo and I am a Software Engineer from Lagos, Nigeria. Born in Lagos, I started writing software when I was about 15. I also got into design at the same time. This explains my ability to go end-to-end on applications. From prototyping all the way to deployment. Growing up, I always loved art. Not so much as to take it up as a career, but just enough to give me a slight edge...

Code. Life.