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Hello world, My name is Neo and I am a Software Engineer from Lagos, Nigeria. Born in Lagos, I started writing software when I was about 15. I also got into design at the same time. This explains my ability to go end-to-end on applications. From prototyping all the way to deployment.

Growing up, I always loved art. Not so much as to take it up as a career, but just enough to give me a slight edge during my learning process. Also drawing helps me relax.

Over the years, I have grown into someone who enjoys building products. As someone who had to pick up software development myself, and this was in an environment where having a computer was not even a thing, talk more of software development; it was challenging.

On the career front, I have most notably worked as the founder of CreativityKills, the CTO of, and of course a Software Engineer. I currently work in Hamburg with ABOUT YOU GmbH as a Senior Software Engineer. On my free time, I like to give talks and conferences, host conferences like Laravel Nigeria, and be part of making conferences like code.talks happen.

I decided to start this blog to share things I have learned and continue to learn on my journey through life as a software engineer. Not everything will be tech related, some will be pieces of advice, personal pains and lessons, and pretty much anything I feel like I would like to share.

This is my first post and I was not entirely sure what to write, but, I think it went well. If you enjoy anything I write, leave a comment.


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Code. Life.
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